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“There is no better high than discovery.”

Edward O. Wilson

At the risk of sounding like an alcoholic, for week 4 I decided to go one whole week without alcohol; which is something I probably haven't done in the last 10 years.

Some may feel this is not really a big deal, or even worth writing about, but clearly they don't enjoy drinking the way I do. There's just something quite perfect about coming home from a long day at work and cracking open a cold beer or pouring yourself a glass of wine. Come rainy season, that glass of wine in the evening can quite easily turn into three more nights than not. So, with the holiday season over and January drawing to a close, feeling sluggish from all the overindulgence, I knew it was time to change things up.

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Since I'd be giving my liver a break from the alcohol, I thought I might as well take it one step further and eat a few liver cleansing foods each day. Some of my favourites included: spinach, kale, avocado, cabbage, carrot, lemon and lime. I like to think it's a week that my liver will remember fondly.

I have to say, it really was weird to eat dinner without a beer or a glass of wine to accompany it. Apparently people do this? Soda water proved to be a decent replacement and got me through.

While weekdays slipped by without much issue, it was Friday that provided my first real challenge. Four o'clock marks the beginning of Friday night drinks at my work and it pained me not to head to the lounge with my coworkers. I guess I still could have gone and visited, but really, why would I do that? I can have a sober visit at any point during the work day.

Later that night, lying on my couch as Netflix cued up a show and the smell of cooking pizza wafted in from the kitchen, there really was nothing I wanted more than a nice cold beer. Damn this sobriety!

Saturday night provided added opportunities for new experiences when Emrys asked if I'd like to go to a party with some of his old workmates. Sober party with people I don't really know? Sounds delightful. Obviously I was in; although I did wonder: when I declined alcohol would they assume I was pregnant? A recovering alcoholic? Or both?

As it turns out abstaining was not an issue and no one jumped to conclusions; instead it actually provided a great opportunity for conversation about my project and an icebreaker to get to know the people in the room. Once I got past that initial awkwardness of walking into a room of unfamiliars I ended up having just as much fun as I ever do when I drink.

It's been a good week. Habits are funny things to interrupt but I think my body appreciated the break. What do the weeks ahead hold drinking wise? I like to think I'll move forward with a bit of moderation.

Next week I test this theory with a Vancouver Brewery Tour. Bring on the craft beer!

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    Waiting for the craft brew reviews!

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